Planning for the future

We work together for three sessions. You fill in a thorough intake, 300-question symptom questionnaire and 4-day food journal. Our first meeting is information gathering. Our second meeting lays out your plan. Our third meeting is for questions as needed. We come up with a plan together that addresses your food, supplements and lifestyle, making changes that you feel ready for. We can schedule follow-ups as needed after the initial three visits. The link below schedules a free call to decide our best course of action.


4-6 Weeks



I want my baby NOW!

Sometimes you need to slow down to speed up. I will take you through a process to optimize your whole body health and fertility in the Fertile Foundations method. We can take this work as far as we need to, including advanced labs and blood work interpretation. It also includes support by text or email between visits. I will answer all your questions! I currently am offering this on a sliding scale fee to make it accessible to you and to give me the practice I want! Reach out for details, schedule a free call with the link below.


4-6 Months



I have a different issue

One-time appointments for all other issues! Wondering what the heck you should eat that will work best for you? Wondering how to get back the energy you once had? Support your sleep or your anxiety levels? Let’s chat and see what might work for you.


Up to us



Tell me more…

Every one is unique and the approach I take is bio-individual. What works for one won’t work for all. Every situation is different but there are foundational pieces that support everyone. We work together to optimize all your body systems (which are very much interconnected). When there’s fertility struggles, there’s a road block somewhere. Our work is to find it, and move it out of the way!