Welcome to Greenheart Massage Therapy, Montpelier VT





AT THIS TIME, I AM NOT SEEING CLIENTS.  i will keep this site updated as the covid situation unfolds.


would you like to unwind your nerves, clear your mind and relax?  

i invite you to add massage therapy to your wellness plan, and see how you feel!


Massage Therapy reduces stress hormones and increases the body’s natural anti-inflammatory compounds.  It can help change your comfort and ease in your body, your mood, digestion, immunity, sleep and more.  Massage is helpful for many conditions, especially those rooted in stress, which affect so many of us in this day and age!

The world can be a stressful place no matter how mindfully we live, and at times we all need help maintaining our health.  My clients come to me to help them re-set from the stresses of their daily lives, and feel better in their bodies.  They return again and again because they know how important it is to receive and reset.  Even with the best self-care, the body can relax even more deeply in a passive, yet active relaxation.  When you are ready to relax and receive healing,  magic can happen.

On this website you can find out more about the type of massage I practice, my training, and how to make an appointment.

You’ll also meet me, and my therapy dog who accompanies me to most sessions.  My dog has been coming to sessions with me since 2012, when I trained him to greet my clients, then relax on his bed for the rest of the session.  There is something so calming about a calm dog.  He helps reduce anxiety, and provides a warm welcome.  Of course if you are not a dog person, let me know so he can stay home!

This is me!
Hi! I’m Sarah Shapiro, of Greenheart Massage.
My Montpelier Massage office