specializing in hormone health & fertility





are you ready to make changes to your daily routines to support your hormonal health?  i’m here to assist!  I can teach you how care of your health from the inside out, through personalized food, lifestyle and supplement choices. 




You could research on Dr. Google until your eyes bleed and come up with 100 different ideas on how to change the stubborn symptoms that are troubling you.  Or you could find a practitioner who is already trained in hormone health and who knows how to sift through the research!  I know from experience that it’s much more effective to find the right practitioner and spend your free time doing the things you love, instead of solving your own health puzzle, without help!

I’m passionate about filling a gap in the health care system:  that moment when you know that something is “off” with your health but the practitioners you see keep telling you that “everything looks normal.”  If you know that everything is NOT normal, let’s talk!  I am training with some of the best in women’s and menstrual health because we are told far too often that the issues we experience are just “part of being a woman.”  Turns out, there’s a lot of room to improve our health through simple effective changes.  We will figure out what those changes are together, and make sure they are steps you are ready to take.

What makes me different?  I take a long perspective on what is healthy for us humans.  I consider where we come from, in deep history.  All of us have indigenous ancestors who knew how to live with and from the earth.  For some of us, self sufficient farming is only a generation or two in the past.  Though this is different than a tribal hunter/gatherer existence, both lifestyles supported our health in different ways.  The biggest difference was the access to nutrient dense foods (very catchy words with a big meaning).  I can help you find ways to come back into balance with your foods, access different or higher quality foods and make the real and lasting changes that you want to make.