I’ve been there.

Looking up health questions on Dr. Google (or Instagram?) way too late at night, wondering why I wasn’t getting, and then staying, pregnant.  I saw many practitioners, and never gave up (but did a lot of surrendering) and I finally treated the root causes of my health issues – which I thought were normal!  When I saw what kinds of transformations were possible once I started to make changes to my diet, lifestyle and mindset, I knew I had to help other women achieve the same.  I enrolled in nutrition school, and then got (and stayed) pregnant.  My life is forever changed!

I have been fascinated by human health for as long as I can remember.  At Bard College I went pre-med and became a biology major with a focus in molecular biology.  My senior thesis was a collaboration on viral genetics, specifically looking at the evolution of a surface protein on HIV.  It was actually published in the journal Virology.  So I come from a pretty research focused background!  That’s why I want to do the heavy lifting for you.  Let me research so you don’t have to! 

Wait, what sort of nutritionist am I exactly?   I studied with the Nutritional Therapy Association graduating in 2020, after being a massage therapist for 12 years.  As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, we work together to improve the foundations of health: digestion, blood sugar balance, hydration, fatty acids and mineral balance.  We do this through making sustainable dietary changes, that you are ready to make, along with targeted supplements and lifestyle changes.  I am a Women’s Hormone Specialist, from the Menstrual Health Institute, and a Supplement Quality Specialist from the Supplement Academy.  I’m also currently enrolled in several more fertility-specific trainings! I’m a Community & Family Herbalist, from Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism.  I’ve also delved into astrology and human design.

I’m frightened all the time. But I never let it stop me. Never!

Georgia O’Keefe

My Vision

Greenheart’s driving force is this:  We are living in times of great change, and our Green planet Earth is what’s at the Heart of the matter.  Both at the heart of the current crisis of the times we live in, and also at the heart of the healing that is needed.  We humans need to help heal the earth, and the earth will help heal our species.

Integral to all I do is the awareness of the stressful times in which we live on a personal level, and the planetary need for healing. My means of doing this is through personal healing, and through doing healing work, person by person.

Towards these ends, I continue to study herbal medicine with the many amazing teachers who seem to congregate here in central Vermont.  I practice primitive skills like fire-by-friction, willow basketry, archery and hide tanning to raise my own awareness and connection to the earth.  These skills will help sustain us and the generations to come, until petro-chemicals are a distant memory.

I also garden herbs and vegetables and raise Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.  They are a miniature breed with a lot of personality and provide endless entertainment.  Who needs TV when you have goats to watch?!

I look forward to working with you!