What Clients Say

Massage is for every body

B. S., before Sarah, my back hurt every time I stood up from sitting down.  Now I can get up and down with ease.  Thank you! –J W

My back and neck did feel amazingly better on Sunday, thank you.   I felt like some fat cat who had driven to a garage so someone else could put on my winter wheels.  Rather than some crazy old guy, who had spent a frigid morning in his garage, wrestling with 70 lb wheels.  –J L

My 90 year old mother has chronic back pain and except for heavy duty narcotics has not found any therapy that brings relief. In fact, after physical therapy and massage she has in the past often felt worse.  I had had massage with Sarah and because of her skill as well as sensitivity suggested to my mother that she try a session.  Not only did Sarah know how to provide gentle massage that was soothing, but as importantly how to relate in a respectful and caring manner with an elderly person. After the initial massage, my mother looked forward to each time she had a session for she knew that Sarah listened to her voice as well as her body to provide appropriate therapy. Thank you, Sarah. – I M.

During massage, I notice Sarah working to smooth out areas of chronic muscular tension in a way that allows my nerves to unwind and my mind to return to the present moment. The more I work with Sarah, the more I see the cumulative benefit of the integrative healing she provides. My body has become less tense overall, my nervous system feels less susceptible to anxiety, and my immunity is greatly improved. With Gratitude, -L M.

College football led to reoccurring and constant pain in a number of different places.   I also experience emotional stress and a lack of energy.  Sarah has helped alleviate these physical and emotional ailments, while also creating peace of mind.  I will continue to see her regularly, and I highly recommend Sarah to anyone. –D C

Sarah combines professionalism with her naturally warm presence. She listens carefully to my needs and brings deep focus to her work. Her hands skillfully release my tense muscles allowing me to ground myself more completely in my body. Sarah loves learning and her understanding of well-being continues to evolve. I am grateful to have Sarah on my wellness team. -A L