bodywork sessions

Integrative massage addresses and integrates the physical, energetic and emotional levels of the body. Many of the strokes are related to Swedish massage, while acupressure and energy balancing techniques are also utilized. This massage is noted for being simultaneously deeply relaxing and truly invigorating.

On a physical level Integrative Bodywork releases muscle tension, increasing the circulation of blood and lymph and improving muscle tone. This creates a feeling of lightness and space in the body and encourages ease of movement. However, chronic muscle tension not only inhibits movement but also restricts breathing and inhibits the free flow of energy or Chi. This gives rise to emotional or creative blocks as well as physical problems. These blocks are addressed with more subtle techniques from craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, Reiki and polarity therapy.  These modalities focus on energy distribution, balance, and release, encouraging energy to move more freely throughout the body.

As body tensions soften and energy begins to flow, a clear sense of consciousness, a renewed sense of inner joy and a greater capacity for contact with yourself and others result. The essence of this type of bodywork lies in my ability to be centered and remain truly present. The goal is to produce a sense of flowing wholeness.

Prenatal massage, designed to reduce stress for you and your baby.  Encourages circulation of blood, lymph and energy, relaxes strained muscles and facilitates opening.  I offer the use of special orthopedic cushions that allow the mother to comfortably lay face down throughout the entire pregnancy.

Chair massage for companies, schools, wellness fairs,  for your lunch break, or for your special event!  Rates vary.