Massage helps your body change its habits and become more in balance


Relieve muscular tension and stress that cause pain in your body.  

Unwind your nerves and return to the present moment.

Sound good?

Massage Therapy reduces stress hormones and increases the body’s natural anti-inflammatory compounds.  It can help change your comfort and ease in your body, your mood, digestion, immunity, sleep and more.

The world can be a stressful place no matter how mindfully we live, and at times we all need help maintaining our health.   I invite you to try adding massage into your personal wellness plan, and see how you feel!

On this website you can find out more about the type of massage I practice, my training, and how to make an appointment.

The office is lovely, quiet and serene, up here we float above the sounds and bustle of little Montpelier.

Tsuga, a hypo-allergenic poodle mix, has been accompanying me to sessions since 2013.  We have been through three years of training school and continually go back for refreshers! 

Need puppy therapy?





Tranquil Montpelier massage office waiting for you…
Montpelier massage office perched up on the hill